Travel to China with Phoebe Xu


Spring River Imports has the knowledge and experience to provide your connection with business and manufacturing sources and suppliers in China.

* We import a wide variety of products from China for U.S. customers.
* We provide purchasing services for U.S. businesses seeking suppliers in China.

China is rapidly emerging as the low-cost, high quality factory floor for the world. We believe that supplier development in China is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the 21st century in all industries, including heavy and light machinery, consumer and manufacturing electronics, fabrics, furniture, and many others.

We can provide the valuable inputs into your decision analysis. For example,

A. Cost:
* Is sourcing in China cost-effective for your business?
* What are the transaction costs involved in sourcing in China?

B. Scheduling:
* Will components manufactured in China be delivered on-time?
* What are the logistical issues of trans-Pacific shippping?

C. Quality:
* Can factories in China meet your quality standards?
* How are quality standards maintained and improved in China?
* What product development opportunities exist?

D. Personnel:
*Would your business benefit from a purchasing liaison in China?
*Have your purchasing managers established contacts in China?
* Would your management benefit from personal contacts in China?
* What about the language and culture of China?

We can assist your business with these and many other issues, including marketing and investment opportunities in China.

Our principal, Phoebe Xu, was born, raised, and educated in Suzhou China. She holds a degree in electronics and has completed the International Business program at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. Ms. Xu has extensive experience with the process of moving goods from overseas factories to U.S. customers. Ms. Xu has resided in California for the past 18 years and has led numerous trade tours throughout China for American business groups.

Travel to China with Phoebe Xu
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