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Ms. Xu received her bachelors degree in electronic circuitry from the Wuxi College of Light Industry. Fresh out of college, and driven by a entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Xu declined the government's work assignment and set up her own business repairing electronic equipment. Ms. Xu's business expanded and prospered during a time when private enterprise was discouraged. As times changed, Ms. Xu decided to study the export market and completed a business program at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade where she studied Import/Export, Marketing, Insurance, and Finance and developed a successful export business with over 20 employees. She then set her eyes on America.

Ms. Xu came to California in 1998 and relocated to Ventura County in 1999. Ms. Xu established her tour business in 2001 after seeing a need for tours to China with a personal touch. Ms. Xu has led over 25 tours to date. She deeply believes in building bridges between China and America. She strives for as much human interaction as possible between her tour members and the Chinese people. Ms. Xu is, of course, fluent in Mandarin, and with the modern culture and idiom in China, enabling her to give her tour members the best possible experience.

Ms. Xu's American import/export business is named Spring River Imports and was established in 2002. To date, Spring River Imports has imported a wide variety of products from China for her U.S. clients, including clothing, footwear, fabric, medical supplies, electrical equipment, cables, and motorscooters. Because of her many years of entrepreneurial business in China, Ms. Xu has developed many contacts throughout China enabling her to match American business interests with their most qualified Chinese counterparts. Also, Ms. Xu has an experience-based understanding of Chinese business practices and export regulations. Ms. Xu knows how to make trade happen between the U.S. and China.

Ms. Xu lives in Oxnard, California.

Call Ms. Xu if your group is interested in a personal tour of her China or if you have any questions about import/export opportunities.

Travel to China with Phoebe Xu
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